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September 2017

Was pleased with our C.L caravan site on a working farm in Suffolk. Found a nice little spot behind trees with a huge 50 acre field spread out in front. Chairs out enjoying the sun. Next day the wind blew from the east across the farmyard bringing the overbearing smell of the many pigs housed there. It was a quick retreat and shut all the windows. It wasn’t just the smell, 5.30 in the morning a lorry turned up and you could hear the pigs being loaded up amid thumping hooves and primeval screams from the poor beasts. This happened again the following morning with the remaining swine. It was enough to turn you into a vegetarian.

Apart from the unfortunate choice of campsite the stay was lovely. While cycling from Southwold to Walberswick, spotted in a field with cows were 32 barnacle geese a rare sighting for me. I later spied them flying Northwards in a line over the sea.

During a tour of Adnams Brewery the guide

pointed out a swallows nest still active with a second brood, wow that is expecting a lot if they are flying to Africa in a few weeks. I thought it was only Double Diamond that worked wonders!

Suffolk and Norfolk are like going back in time the villages mainly unchanged linked by miles and miles of quiet country lanes ideal for cycling as most are flat and virtually traffic free other than tractors.

I have taken a lot of photos of churches in Essex and we have a great variety but Suffolk and Norfolk have a lot with circular towers and quite a few have thatched roofs. I will be visiting Minsmere while up here but also look forward to welcoming our returning migrants to the Blackwater when our River really comes alive again in the following weeks ahead. – Maisie – (C.L = Certified Location)

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