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Maylwatch September 2016

End of Summer

Why is it that the older you get the faster the time goes? We are just getting used to being warm and enjoying the outdoor life when suddenly Summers over. Yes we still have many nice days to come but the evenings are chillier and the sun goes down all too soon. But I love the Seasons, changing colours, different flowers blooming, birds  leaving, others returning, fruits ripening on the trees and hedgerows, children back at school.
I was visited, back in early July, by a swarm of bees. They formed a football sized hanging mass on a concrete planter in my front garden they looked like part of the plant display draped over the side of the bowl with the geraniums in. I phoned a bee keeper to come and remove them but  several hours later they had moved on just leaving a few stragglers behind which took another week to go.
I haven’t noticed many Swallows about this year. A flock of birds I thought were Swallows were actually House Martin’s with a smattering of Swallows among them. Years ago there would be dozens sitting chatting on the phone wires. Are they scarce because so many Farmers have given up on livestock so there is not the food for them anymore?
For people who love blackberrying you are in luck with an abundance of fruit about. Happy picking and mind the juice on your clothes. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.