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Maylwatch October 2016

Well after sending August’s Maylwatch report about not seeing many Swallows, a couple of days later the sky was alive with twittering from both Swallows and House Martin’s and there they were lined up on the telephone wires as if to say ‘you know we don’t leave until September’.
What a wonderfully long summer it’s been though the dryness has taken its toll on many of our trees which have dried up leaves, leading to leaf loss so looking more like late Autumn.
A late afternoon walk along the sea wall at Bradwell, between the Marina and the Power Station, a murmuration of Starlings took to the air to perform an aerial ballet above a field before falling as a vortex into trees. On the river a cormorant was struggling to swallow an eel but after minutes of thrashing about the poor creature succumbed to being tossed down the seabirds gullet.
A Curlew called from Peewit Island, a narrow strip of land offering protection to the boats moored in the channel of Bradwell Creek and the entrance to the Marina.
Another day, a different sighting was a pair of Kingfishers over a pond near Beeleigh Abbey. The shrill call and a quick flash of turquoise before they flew through a large pipe under the road and disappeared along the water course the other side, in the grounds of the aptly named Kingfisher Cottage. Right place right time for the briefest of sightings.
Well it may be time to put the shorts and t-shirts away and don the trousers and fleeces another summer over, aah.