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Maylwatch November 2016

October ended in a blaze of glory, golds, orange and purple Autumn leaves transforming the roadsides and farmland. After such a dry Summer and Autumn I am surprised the leaves didn’t just go brown and drop early. Nature never fails to dazzle us.
They say that in 20 yrs our mature Horse Chestnuts could die out. The awful disease that has disfigured our conker trees will weaken, and then finally kill them. Another casualty to add to the list of our stricken native trees, which include Elm, Ash, Oak and Larch.
A spectacle I was told about but unfortunately didn’t witness first hand, was a huge skein of Brent Geese  flying over farmland  at Mundon. The sky was dark and the  line stretched  from one farm to another the sight and sound must have been amazing.
Lots of birds will be coming in now and I look forward to seeing the displays and feeding frenzies down at our River.