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March 2017

Well I’ve seen something new… a pigeon flying backwards at over 50 miles an hour! courtesy of storm Doris, It looked like it was enjoying the sensation too. As always it coincided with bin day so there were lids and bins blown into the road. Driving was hazardous too with not only the ever deepening pot holes to swerve round but chunks of broken branches, the 4 x 4 vehicles winners of the day.

On the 2nd of Feb heard a song I hadn’t heard for months, the welcoming tunes of a blackbird. A sure sign Spring is on its way.

After the disappointing weekend of the big garden bird watch (no change there) and since Valentine’s Day, there has been a lot more birds visiting. A pair of Great Tits have been checking out a nest box. My resident Robin has been sharing his food supply with a mate. Two Blue tits regularly flit onto the seed feeders and even a Green Woodpecker flew into the ash tree for a rest.

Had a walk down to Marsh Farm in South Woodham to try to spot the bearded tits for myself but no luck. Didn’t have a wasted trip as there were plenty of waders and ducks down there. Hundreds of Lapwing all facing exactly the same way on their salty mud islands. The sky was alive with aerial displays from just about every kind of species even the odd Easyjet! It was like watching Strictly Come Dancing when all the professionals are dancing you don’t know who to watch first.

Soon the curtain will come down on these performers and then the next acts will arrive. – Maisie –