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July 2017

I have a few nest boxes in various locations in my garden. Some nicely nestled among ivy, but once again no birds took up residence.

A couple of neighbours have regularly had blue tits nesting inside tiny holes in the brickwork where overflow pipes once came out, set high up, they are very safe from predators, but what brave fledglings they have to be to make that leap of faith.

Another pair of blue tits had made their nest inside a scaffold pole which had been adapted to make a gate post so had an opening half way up. Luckily the bolt was no longer used. It must have been so cramped in there and very hot with the sun on it all day. I hope they all made it.

In Mundon at a newly built farmhouse, a house Martin had made its nest under the eaves. I spoke to the owner asking if he minded. He said one year they had put spikes up to deter them but this had proved to be a nice firm structure to start the nest off and there were now 2-3 joined together, but is happy enough to give them a home now.

On a recent visit to the River I noticed the brand new jetty in front of the yacht club. All new round posts and strong ramp but gone is another iconic landmark of Mayland the black wood crossed struts of the legs, a feature in many of my sunset and’ boats at anchor’ photos.

The flowers bordering the seawall looked a picture, pink mallows dominant over white and yellow wildflowers and the occasional poppies dotted around too.

Never walk without your binoculars if you love nature I did and missed some posing, singing Reed Buntings and Reed warblers then sitting on the shell strewn beach by Bradwell power station a seal swam by very close to the shore, typical.

What is it with the Kamikaze sparrows in Mayland? And what do they find so interesting in the cracks of the road that they leave it to the last second to fly off? Haven’t seen any ducks crossing lately either, did they find a safer home?

Well we are past the longest day now, enjoy summer while it lasts. – Maisie –

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