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Maylwatch January 2018

Well the manic Christmas season has passed and the Turkey consumed. In the past it was goose that was eaten on Xmas day.
A walk in Writtle on a cold December day and my friend related a tale of a Goose who was a celebrity there. For decades, Godfrey, a white domestic goose, ruled the duck pond on Writtle Green. My friend remembered him from her teenage years in the Village. He was fed, photographed, was chased and gave chase, even photo-bombed a wedding picture..
Tragedy struck when some Indian Runner Ducks were released (unwanted pets) onto the pond who picked on Godfrey attacking and harassing him. He was captured and taken to the south Essex Wildlife hospital but, sadly, died shortly after.
Such was the affection for Godfrey that the villages raised funds for a statue of him which now sits on a little island in the middle of the village pond. Hundreds of villagers turned out for the unveiling ceremony and it made headline news. Even in the Irish Post which reported Godfrey had been murdered by ‘Indian Rubber’ ducks!!
He was at least 45-50 years old and now lives on in his concrete effigy surrounded by his new feathered friends, King of the pond once more. I hope there will be a plaque by the pond to explain this story to visitors so his name and fame are not forgotten.

  – Maisie –