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Maylwatch February 2018

New Year’s Day was gloomy and set the tone for most of the month. Lots of people are either recovering or coming down with coughs, colds or flu. My friend was struck down with flu so I offered to walk her dog Scooby for her. We headed for the loop walk round the sea wall of Clements Green Creek South Woodham Ferrers.
Once on the sea wall the creek lay in front, the tide receding leaving a silver snake like channel of water it’s sides studded with numerous waders and ducks. In the dyke to the right a pair of swans fed together not much further up separated by tall reeds was a second pair.
In the field beyond the fen a huge thick line of Brent Geese stood. At the sea wall opposite Hullbridge a cormorant perched on a marker post. Across the river on the bank were a few hundred plovers and about 20 Avocets. A Great crested Grebe was fishing in the middle of the river. Scooby waited patiently ahead as I kept stopping to scan with my binoculars with a look that said ‘Oh do come on ‘. The hour long walk took an extra half an hour there was so much to see, Godwits, Redshanks Lapwings, Curlews, Shelducks, Teal, Wigeon, Dunlin, Pochard and Oystercatcher.
It might have been cold and grey but the sheer number and variety of birds brightened the day.
Next day we introduced family to our River, passing the beautiful houses on Western Esplanade with their enviable view even on a grey cold January day. Back through the still thriving boat yard, ‘Thistle’ dominating the skyline, I pointed out a group of Avocets amongst the many other birds always feeding here this time of year. We witnessed a couple of aerial swooping displays before leaving the wall to return home via Nipsells Chase and a warming cuppa.

 – Maisie –