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Maylwatch August 2016


After a never ending wait for Summer it finally arrived in a waft of tropical like heat and humidity and the moans of ‘what awful cold weather’ turned to complaints of ‘Init Hot’.

It’s lovely if you are sitting in the shade with a long cold drink doing nothing or if you get chance at high tide, as I did during the heat wave, of having a refreshing swim in the river, as long as you can put up with the seaweed brushing you, it’s a delight. As I’ve said before it’s so beautiful our River with the numerous sailing boats anchored up creating a Riviera Scene.

Snatching half an hour before starting work to take in the peace and beauty and the salty breeze. The mauve of the sea lavender on the marshy Islets adding colour even the old wrecks add to the ambience, some still intact others like a ribcage of a whale lodged in the mud. A couple of Egrets wandering along the shoreline a cry from an Oystercatcher, buzzards mewing and circling above the field where a tractor was cutting hay, hoping to spot a mammal for lunch.

The paths overgrown with wildflowers a haven for the butterflies that have appeared en masse. It might be an inconvenient creek for sailors being tidal and a restricted channel but it really is so pretty. The trouble is people are realising and the days of having it to myself are few and far between.

In Winter the coldest place to be is on the sea wall, but now we crave the cool breeze to escape the summer heat and what a joy that is.