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August 2017

Don’t you just love Britain for its varied weather, you never know what to expect. On the day of the Men’s tennis final we had just had a shower of rain pass over, then the sun came out, and the wind dropped. My partner and I walked to the ramp at Bradwell Quay, the water was a glassy calm, the sun warm, the only movement was the twenty or so Swallows and Martins skimming across the water gathering insects. Fifteen minutes later, cloud gobbled up the sun, the water rippled as the wind blew up again and the next shower came over, that surreal moment gone but lovely to have witnessed it.

What a display the electrical storm gave in the early hours of the 19th July. Its pretty rare for us to get one as flashy as that. I stood watching it for about an hour, huge horizontal lightening and when the sky really lit up it revealed the blackness of the clouds. Thank goodness our rain was steady not torrential as in the Cornish Village of Coverack.

On driving along the Essex Regiment Way I was delighted to see the verges dotted with Pyramidal Orchids, like pink lollipops. Thankfully roadsides are left longer before mowing now to give wild flowers a chance to flower and so help the insects that rely on them. Another species that has made a big show this year is the birds foot trefoil, a low growing plant with bright yellow flowers. The roadside banks have been really noticeable coming into South Woodham.

Quite a few farmers have dropped growing rape seed this year and gone for Linseed. The blueness when in full flower is a sight to behold resembling a large body of water.

Still haven’t had my River swim yet. Unlike Meryl and Keith Scrivener, for me the water has to be just right and the day hot.

Happy Hols, – Maisie –