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Maylwatch April 2016

Had to wait to the very last days of March before the saying, ‘In like a lion out like a lamb’ applied. We certainly had the March winds over Easter.
Everything is now bursting into life. The robins are already nesting whilst other birds are only preparing their nests. The dawn chorus is in full swing. Our spirits lift as the dark days of winter are behind us and the weather can only get better!!!!!!
The avocets have moved on and only a few stragglers of brent geese are around, whilst the godwits are displaying their summer plumage of rust brown.
On a brief visit to the river, just before starting work, on a sunny, calm, clear day the water looked like glass and the only sounds to be heard were the birds. The view was unspoilt by any buildings other than the odd farm.
A man walked up to me and said ‘Why would you want to be anywhere else ‘ He had uttered my very thoughts. I love it down there; it is so calming, good for the soul and a chance to switch off from all the bad things going on in the world.
On a walk round Layer de la Haye up a farm track I came across a huge clump of snowdrops. It was so lovely just to find them there, not in a garden, and at their snowiest best.
It was a good area for them as there were further clumps in the woods and later along a roadside verge. The paths may have been wet and muddy but those little beauties brightened my day.