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The Maylandsea Gang

The Maylandsea Gang

John Humphreys remembering the good old days of the 1950’s in Maylandsea.

John Humphreys, of Chandlers, Burnham on Crouch, said: “The people who see this will know who they are, the Maylandsea Gang. We used to have to make our own entertainment back in those days. Our venue was the Riverside Social Club run by Mr and Mrs Bowmer. It is now known as the St Barnabas Family Centre. Mr Bowmer was a demolition contractor, that’s how the hall came to be there. Saturday nights we would take a radiogram there and create a social dance night. Mr and Mrs Bowmer would be behind the bar serving drinks. His favourite party piece was to dance round the hall with his walking stick and top hat to the tune of The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo. We also held Whist Drives and Fancy Dress Parties. There was a full size snooker table in the back room, which was well used. It was the only place to go in those days as a community centre. It was great.”

– John Humphreys –

Do you recognise any of these People ??

Are you one of the people in this photo, or do you recognise anyone you know? Please let us know at The Mayl and we will add your/their name to the photo. We would love to hear your memories of the time.

Maylandsea GangSome of The Maylandsea Gang in the 1950’s

“Does anyone know any of these people or any of their relations, if so I would love to hear from them. I am still alive at 90 years old. I lived in Mayland and built quite a lot of it from 1950 to 2009. I now live in Burnham.”

– John Humphreys –

(If anyone would like to get in touch with John, please contact us at The Mayl and we will pass you his number)


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