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Mayland Water Fight 2018

Mayland Water Fight 2018

Mayland Water Fight 2018  was like pistols at dawn but not as deadly and a lot more fun. The third annual family friendly water fight for all ages took place at Lawling Park in Mayland on 15th July.
It was once again the Reds verses the Blues with each team having won once previously. There was an atmosphere of tension with each team leader urging their team to win again.

At first the blues looked to be outnumbered but then a mass of people in blue surged across the field to even out the numbers. There was some decent in the ranks though and families were split as I heard one motherdressed in blue scream out “Why is my daughter wearing red?”  and then she called her a ‘turncoat’.   “Don’t worry Mum I am always on the loosing team you will be ok” was the reply.
They had the team talk. Rules were set, only water pistols and water bombs to be used, behind bins is a safe area, be mindful of little ones and the elderly.

Mayland Water Fight July 2018

The countdown from ten took place and then they charged at each other with great determination, apart from two young girls who stood in the middle of the crowd and looked as though they were surprised they were getting wet. Everyone was told to have lots of fun and enjoy themselves, this they certainly did.
The fight lasted a good twenty minutes with teams rushing back to the bins to fill up with water and recharge at each other.
In the end the Red team won with twenty points to the blues seventeen.
(As it turned out, the daughter was on the winning team)
After congratulating the winners and the cup presentation the final task was to pick up the tiny pieces of burst balloons strewn across the field before making their way home.
Mayland Water Fight July 2018

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