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Leaflet Distribution


Leaflet distribution door to door throughout the Dengie.

The Maylands Mayl offers the best value for money when it comes to leaflet distribution. We also offer flyer and menu distribution, in fact we can deliver anything that will fit comfortably inside our magazine which is delivered door to door at the beginning of each month throughout the Dengie.

Leaflet Distribution in the Dengie Door to Door

Leaflet Distribution, how it’s done at The Maylands Mayl.

You simply give us a call or send us an email, we confirm our current circulation numbers and explain exactly how far and where we distribute the Maylands Mayl magazine throughout the Dengie. We can either deliver your leaflet or flyer etc to our whole circulation area or we can cover a smaller limited area such as just Maylandsea or perhaps you just want your leaflets, menu’s etc distributed to only Latchingdon or Althorne.

Wherever you need them delivered inside our circulation coverage throughout the Dengie, we can certainly oblige. If you decide to go ahead we then arrange to collect them from you at no extra cost. We also count them, and once the magazine has been printed, we glue each leaflet individually inside the magazine and we do this using very LOW TACK adhesive, the same type of adhesive that is used to attach credit cards to letters sent via the post. This system guarantees that every leaflet gets to it’s intended destination in mint condition, as you have requested. This will also ensure only one is distributed with each magazine.

What we don’t do is give a large batch of leaflets to a delivery person and ask them to insert one in each magazine as it goes through the door. This just adds to leaflets being lost or dropped on the street, it also makes it a much more difficult task for the person doing the leaflet distribution especially if you have more than one flyer to distribute. Because the leaflets are pre-glued inside the magazine, every leaflet reaches it’s destination as intended.

Leaflet distribution door to door in the Dengie Hundred, the best value for money Guaranteed.